Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Kid's Programming Language

Do you enjoy programming and would you like that your children will do it too ? well consider to take a look to KPL (Kid's Programming Language): it is a freeware educational program developed by Morrison Schwartz, a software development and consulting company, with the following goals (extracted from KPL manual):
  • • We wanted to teach our own kids how to program
  • • We have fond memories of starting as programmers by coding games in BASIC
  • • Beginning programmers have been forgotten by the software industry for 20 years
  • • Specifically, VS.NET and Eclipse, the industry standard development environments, are NOT beginner environments Educational software could do much more for kids if it were easier to create, and with KPL it now is easier to create – even by teachers or parents who are not professional programmers
Another cite from TechWeb: "Microsoft has signed on to promote a new programming language intended to replace BASIC as the first step students take towards learning how to code. The Kid's Programming Language, or KPL, was developed under the direction of Jonah Stagner, and his colleagues, ex-Microsoft program manager Jon Schwartz and former NCR engineer Walt Morrison. The three run the software consultancy Morrison-Schwartz Inc. "

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