Thursday, 17 December 2009

Welcome to

From the site home page: “The programmer's file and data format resource. This site contains information on hundreds of different file types, data types, hardware interface details and all sorts of other useful programming information; algorithms, source code, specifications, etc.

It is a quite useful site with plenty of information, really worth a bookmark on your favorites:


Monday, 16 November 2009

Default Debugger

By default, Microsoft Windows uses Dr. Watson debugger as the default debugger. This can be altered in the Windows registry manually by a user or by the installation of software such as Visual Studio or Delphi.

I think that having Visual Studio popped up each time an application crashes can be very annoying especially if you are performing some test but you don't need to debug that application.

The solution is to ensure that Dr. Watson is the default debugger of the Windows operating system.

To do this find the following registry key:


and set it to the following string "drwtsn32.exe -p %ld -e %ld"

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Problems enabling service broker

If you restore a database with service broker enabled on the same sql server instance, it may happen that broker doesn't enables and when try to manually enable it you may get back the following error message:


The Service Broker in database "??????" cannot be enabled because there is already an enabled Service Broker with the same ID


This statement fixed the situation:


alter database ?????? set NEW_BROKER